Zero Pollution in Magnesium Oxide Industry

September 14, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

   In traditional concept, the magnesium oxide industry is often tied to waste water, flue gas and other pollutants. However, there is a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier. Mr. Sun, the CEO of Meishen Technology said, “The modern magnesium oxide industry is absolutely not the pronoun of pollution. As long as measures are suitable, this industry can certainly reach zero pollution.”

Just follow the emission standard and effectively avoid safety accident, it can certainly reach zero pollution in the chemical industry. This is explored by Meishen Technology during the development and practices for many years. For example, in the aspect of waste water treatment, Meishen achieves zero pollution of waste water. All the industrial wastewater in Meishen’s factory is treated and achieves emission standard, and reuse. Therefore, any drop of water would not be discharged into environment. This magnesium oxide factory is honoured as the model of industrial wastewater’s ecological treatment in the magnesium oxide industry.

Therefore, does this strict environmental protection standard increase production cost greatly? The answer is negative. Meishen lays emphasis on all-in-one concept to reduce cost. At the same time, it can protect environment.

“We can adopt many ways to reduce cost, but not sacrifice the environment.” Mr. Sun said. He insists three principles: no environmental pollution, do not destroy resources and do not develop low-level repeating.

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