Why Pollution Masks have Become a Must in Today’s World

March 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health-Fitness

Air pollution has globally become one of the biggest environmental concerns. Rising pollution levels have led to global warming and other environmental problems including the extinction of various species of flora around the world. These environmental hazards are caused by small pollutants that turn the air into hazardous gas.

Pollutants have various sizes, which are classified by particle matter (PM). PM10 and above are dust particles, they are usually harmless. It is PM2.5 and below pollutant particles whose density if increased in the air, can cause respiratory problems. These pollutant particles include bacteria and viruses that can cause health hazards.

Pollution levels in developing countries is reaching its peak, as manufacturing capacities are increased without considering environmental repercussions. As efforts are focussed on increasing manufacturing and decreasing cost, manufacturers tend to use poor-quality machinery, which releases harmful gases or substance into the environment.

Cycling pollution mask are one way to protect ourselves and our children from being directly exposed to such harmful pollutants. Their multi-layered structure ensures that even the smallest of pollutants are blocked. The extensive pollution in big cities of the world, for example in New Delhi and Beijing, necessitate a frequent use of pollution masks to b protected against respiratory and other health hazards.

Companies such as Cambridge Mask Co. that use highest military-grade technology such as activated carbon cloth which can kill pollutants smaller than PM2.5, stand at the ready to provide protection against the constantly increasing air pollution. Cambridge Mask Co. is the pioneer in manufacturing and selling tested n99 respirator mask.

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