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When Should You Consult Health And Safety Advisors

February 13, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health-Fitness

Fire risk assessments are imperative. Every property must have timely and holistic fire risk assessments conducted by health and safety advisors. The inspection should be professionally reported in a detailed account. It shouldn’t be a casual exercise touring a property and just verbally communicating if there is something amiss or if everything is fine. There are times when property owners need to get fire risk assessments conducted in their homes or offices. Here are the scenarios when you should call in your health and safety advisors.

  • When you are planning to buy a home or office or if you are working on a plan of a property, you should get the recommendations from health and safety advisors. Your principal designer will anyway refer to the building codes and adhere to the regulations. While the architectural design will comply with the latest regulations, it is also necessary that you get approval from reliable health and safety advisors. Why wait for changes after the property has been constructed if you can be proactive before the development?
  • You may be upgrading something or the other in your property at a certain point in time. It could be a complete overhaul of your entire property or renovation of a limited area. It could be major repairs or aesthetic enhancement. It may very well be the upgrades of fire safety measures and crucial installations like water lines, plumbing and sewer systems among others. It is best to get the recommendations from health and safety advisors at this stage so you choose the best solutions.
  • You will have to conduct property inspection before you sell a home or when you buy a home. Property inspection involves evaluating if the property is safe but it doesn’t get into enough details that comprise holistic fire risk assessments. You should opt for such an assessment specifically. Health and safety advisors don’t conduct elaborate property inspection to gauge the value of a house but they will certainly let you know if a property is safe enough and if it is worth the price being quoted from that perspective.
  • Health and safety advisors don’t dabble in pricing or property price evaluation but their report will help in the pricing of a property, its appreciation or depreciation. Fire risk assessments, reports of health and safety advisors and inputs of principal design can be used at the time of selling a house or even when reviewing prevailing building codes, whether or not the property adheres to the same and if any changes are deemed necessary.
  • RHSS Ltd is a multi-disciplined Health, Safety and Fire Consultancy serving London and the South East. They pride themselves on offering a professional and friendly service to each of their clients and this is demonstrated through their loyal client base. Their core philosophy is to provide sensible, compliant and practical advice/support to our clients at all times.

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