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What Are The Latest Technologies In The Top Mobile Phones?

February 7, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

The top mobile phones today support features that were hardly imaginable in the past. In fact, the modern smartphones available today can be as powerful or even more powerful than computers. The latest phones have groundbreaking features that have made them much more than a phone. Here are 5 features that have revolutionized the way this little device is being used today.

1. Fingerprint Sensor

Apple was among the first to launch fingerprint sensor in its top mobile phones. It was an innovative technology that was meant to replace the need for password for locking and unlocking phones and apps. The use of passwords was always seen as a cumbersome method of keeping the phone under lock. If you somehow forgot your password, it would put you in a tight spot. But fingerprint sensor technology provided a simple yet highly effective solution to this problem.

2. Eye-Scanning

Developers made another groundbreaking development by introducing eye-scanning security feature for new mobile phones. One such app is developed for Android devices. Similarly, some developers are also working on voice-recognition systems to make it even easier to lock and access phones.

3. Real-Time Fitness Tracking

If you are conscious about your health and key vitals, some new mobile phones and apps can make the perfect choice. New phones are being developed with biosensors that record and analyze your vitals in real time. This can help you keep track of your fitness at all times. It is also an excellent feature for those with health issues so that they can alert a loved one in case of any changes in vitals.

4. Augmented Reality

The augmented reality (AR) technology has already caught up with smartphones. Combined with the best camera phone, this technology has already led to widespread popularity for gaming apps. New AR apps are being developed across different categories to provide a unique experience to mobile users.

5. Payments Using Phone

NFC technology is an excellent example of enabling secure and quick payment system using top mobile phones. You can now make payments using nothing else but your phone. The latest phones are already available with this technology. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are revolutionizing this aspect of the mobile technology segment.

6. Faster Charging

Even though many mobile users continue to use the conventional wired mobile charger for their device, new mobile phones now have wireless, faster charging features. Besides, battery life has also improved significantly in these devices. The quick-charge feature introduced by a few brands allows you to have your phone’s batteries charged within a few minutes. Thus, you will no longer have to keep your phone plugged into the outlet for hours to have it fully charged.

7. Powerful Cameras

The best mobile phones available today can even replace the traditional camera. It has become normal to come across phones with 13 MP cameras. The best camera phone from Infocus India. The frontiers for camera technology are getting expanded almost every few months.

There are even more technologies where new mobile phones are improving at a breakneck speed. Market competition has been the major driving force behind this drive to achieve unending excellence. With all these innovative technologies making their way into your mobile phone, make sure to choose the best handset that addresses your needs.

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