What are the Advantages of Bike Fit?

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People often rides a wrong-sized bike, yet a well-fitting bicycle will help optimise your riding position and make cycling a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Rather than being the reserve of professional cyclists, having a professional bike fit will ensure your bike is set up to fit your body exactly, giving you a faster ride for the same effort.

A bike fit will also reduce or prevent injury by removing unnecessary strain on your knees, back and arms, and can even cure or rule out niggling injuries by correcting your riding position.

How a Bike Fit could benefit you:

  • It makes you comfortable and faster

A well-fitting bike will make you more efficient, faster and more comfortable on long rides and reduce your chance of knee, back or arm injury, especially if you are new to cycling or looking to increase your mileage this season.

  • It helps in attaining position with which you can get maximum position:

It’s tempting to go for an aggressive aero position, but a bike fit pinpoints the position where you get the maximum efficiency and power from your pedal stroke so you don’t lose leg and lung power by cramping up over the handlebars.

  • It reduces pain and chances of injuries:

Knee, back and arm pain are common injuries that a properly-fitted bike can alleviate. You might be overextending your knee to reach the pedal with a saddle that’s too high, or straining your thighs with a saddle which is too low. Your back might be aching from a frame sized too large or small. Your arms might have too much strain from an overly-aggressive position. If the fit does not reduce the pain, you can rule out your bike set-up as the cause of the injury and investigate other potential causes.

  • Bike fit makes you ride fast:

If you ride your bike regularly and through traffic, you deserve to have a bike that fits you comfortably with the fastest, most efficient ride possible for speeding out of the way of sleepy morning drivers.

Andy Brooke at Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis offers a range of bike fitting services which help in reducing rider fatigue and also prevents numbness at contact points.

About Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis:

Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis offer array of bike fitting service which aids in assessing every aspect of cycling. Andy Brooke is one of the only 6 Retul Master fitters in the UK.

For more information and to book a fit, visit our bike fit page Ukbikefit.com.

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