Ways to Save Your Phone’s Battery Life and RAM

May 16, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Smartphones have ingrained themselves in our lives to an extent that we cannot imagine ourselves without them. They have become extremely popular and are like mini computers in our hands. The user interface is extremely simple and yet interesting. This is the reason why we prefer having them by our side all the time. Be it checking mails, booking tickets or just checking out social media platforms, smartphones have made it a lot easier. But, all these applications take up two of the most precious things that we crave for in a smartphone. Yes, you guessed it right, the RAM and the battery.

There has always been a question that lingers and irritates every user. Even if they have a 2GB RAM mobile phone or a 3GB RAM mobile phone or an even higher variant, they seem to lack out on memory every once in a while. So, to save you from the hassle of going low on your RAM and battery time and again, this is what you should do.

1) Screen brightness
You like the brightness and the color contrast on your smartphone screen but it’s important to keep your phone up and running all the while to enjoy those colors. So, to avoid your battery from being consumed just to give your screen the brightness, what you can do is simply put your phone on auto brightness and it will give you the optimum brightness according to the light around you.

2) Screen timeout
Another way to save your battery is by keeping the screen timeout time as low as possible. At times when you leave the phone as it is or accidentally tap on the screen, it will not remain lit for a long time.

3) Save applications on your external memory card
The best idea to run applications on your smartphones is to save them in your memory card. This will help keep the RAM in your phone free and thus, the performance will definitely improve. Do it if you gave a 2 GB RAM phone or a 3GB RAM mobile phone or even higher. A little extra efficiency is always good, right?

4) Use GPS wisely
There are many applications that use GPS to show you things around you and thus, you should use them efficiently. Also, when navigating, once you have the map with the set route, you can simply switch off the internet as well. The navigation will continue and your battery will not drain out.

5) Keep clearing the cache
Clearing the cache in your phone actually works and gives you a phone that works faster and better. It kills all the temporary files and frees the RAM which can then be dedicated to other applications that you need to use.

6) Auto sync is an enemy
Auto sync means that all your applications will sync as soon as you go online and this further means that every time this happens, the RAM of your phone will be used up. To save your RAM from undergoing this, tap on it and switch the auto sync off.


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