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   As an important additive, magnesium carbonate has the properties of high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance in rubber industry. Above all, it plays a role of reinforcing filler. Compared with calcium carbonate, high pure magnesium carbonate has a better reinforcing effect and heat resistance. It can increase the hardness quickly and suitable for transparent or translucent rubber reinforcing filler.

Magnesium carbonate as the necessary auxiliaries in vulcanization system, the filling quantity is higher, generally about five copies. It has a big influence on the density of rubber because of its large proportion and filler. While dynamic use of products like tyre, the greater the weight, the larger of hot and rolling resistance, and it is bad for service life and energy consumption. Especially in modern society, people put forward higher requirements to product safety and environmental protection, magnesium carbonate is accepted by more and more people.

Magnesium carbonate is a colorless and tasteless powder, but if breathe into the lungs for a long time, you may get lung disease, so we advise the workers to wear masks well. In the progress of transportation, we should make sure the packaging is complete, ensure not disclose, and not to be damaged. Even more, don’t mix stowage with oxidant, and avoid insolate, rain, high temperature.

Magnesium carbonate is a new kind of inorganic material, in recent years it show many special features in the aspects such as catalysis, optics, magnetics, mechanics, and have important application in ceramics, chemical industry, electronics, optics, biology, medicine and many other fields . Using high quality magnesium carbonate after reduction 30% to 70%, there is no obvious impact compared with ordinary, such as strong performance, heat, aging, etc.

Through the above introduction, you can learn about the magnesium carbonate application of rubber industry, and the matters needing attention in usage. Meishen Technology advice manufacturers to purchase good quality product. On the one hand, it can save the cost of production, on the other hand, it benefit for environment protection.Meishen had adhered to the production of magnesium carbonate for 30 years, with rich experience of manufacturer and test. What’s more, it not only is a professional magnesium carbonate but also a magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier. More information, you can consult Meishen Technology online customer service or send email to us at any time, we promise to reply within 24 hours.

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