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Aging is a natural process that everyone in the world has to go through. It is premature aging that becomes tough to handle in the world today. Naturally, no one likes wrinkles to develop before time. Hence, taking precautions to dissuade them is the best way to go forward. However, if wrinkles do appear, there are different ways by which one can get rid of them. Botox is one way and facial fillers are an alternative. There is a third method as well, known as chemical peels. This method can get rid of the acne and pimple scars as well. Hence, chemical peels in Englewood NJ are becoming very popular.

You have different kinds of chemical peels depending on the extent of treatment required. In the normal course, superficial peels should be enough to deal with the wrinkles and scars. These are simple hydroxy acid peels that penetrate the top layer of the skin. They are the least invasive of all the peels. They give the fastest results as well.

For deeper scars like acne and pimples, you might have to resort to the medium peels. These peels can penetrate up to the middle layers of skin. Using these pills for removing the damaged skin cells is very common. They comprise of glycolic or trichloroacetic acid. Normally, no one goes for the deep peel treatment. It is a comprehensive treatment that uses trichloroacetic acid or phenol to penetrate deeper into the skin. These are non-invasive methods. Hence, they are more popular than the other methods.

The time taken for treatment and healing depends on the types of peels you use. The superficial peels are known as lunchtime peels. The very name suggests that the time taken for treatment and recovery is instantaneous. The medium peels can take about seven to fourteen days for healing. Your skin can be quite sore during this time. Hence, one must avoid exposure to the sun. The deep peels can take several months to heal. They are the most effective treatment as well.

This was as far as removing of wrinkles is concerned. You also need cosmetic treatment for removal of excess fats from the body. The additional building up of fat can cause lots of problems. There are invasive ways of removing fat such as bariatric surgery and liposuction. For people who have problems with going under the knife, you have an easier method known as cryolysis.

Cryolysis works on the principle of melting of fat from specific places in the body by freezing it. The advantage is that you can use this technique to remove fat in the fastest manner without any kind of side effects. A session or two is enough to ensure complete fat removal from the body thereby ensuring you attain the figure you aspire for.

This is a specialized treatment. Hence, it is better to have specialists to deal with it. You have some of the best cosmetic surgeons providing cryolysis service in Tenafly NJ. Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa provides all cosmetic solutions you need.


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