Try Our Best to Dissolve Excess Capacity of Magnesium Oxide

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   At present, it is just a matter of time that some chemical sub-industries will be included in the plan of strictly controlling capacity and weeding out backward. These chemical sub-industries have high energy consumption, high emission and serious excess production capacity. Therefore, every magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer must gave clear understanding to take precautions, work hard on resolve excess production capacity and others.

It must be admitted that the contradiction of excess production capacity is outstanding in the magnesium oxide industry. What’s more, it has not been solution. In a lot of industries, the competition of middle and low market is stiff, and many enterprises are on the brink of loss. In the magnesium oxide industry, although the overcapacity problem has a profound domestic and international background, the crisis of international finance lead to weaker global demand. What’s more, the domestic demand has not been promoted effectively. And, it is cannot be understated to the own problems from this industry. Specifically, the problem mainly manifests in weak innovation ability. A large number of enterprises are contending in the middle and low end market, new products and technology are hard to meet the requirements. In addition, some magnesium oxide manufacturers and suppliers do nothing but work on the traditional fields. The related industries do not timely achieve structural adjustment and upgrade industries. It leads to the situation of excess production middle and low end capacity becomes more and more serious.

In Meishen Technology’s opinion, at present, in order to make full preparation of resolve the overcapacity, the magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers can probably start from the following aspects.

Weeding out the backward capacity actively. Magnesium oxide manufacturers and suppliers should face the reality of excess production capacity, resolve contradictions by themselves, actively research the method and the path to weed out orderly. Not only in traditional fields nut also in the spring up new industries, it has broad stechnological innovation pace. Therefore, the magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers should develop technological innovation through coming down to earth and enhance the motive force of development. In the end, you will gain your own core technology through the innovation.

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