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Can you imagine a manufacturing industry without using conveyor belts? It is impossible to imagine such a scenario because conveyor belts form an integral part of every manufacturing industry. Conveyor belts have great use in transporting raw materials and other manufacturing essentials from one part of the factory to the other. Similarly, conveyor belts have a variety of uses. The prime use of the conveyor belt is in the airports for transporting your luggage. You see conveyor belts in the mining industry as well. Hence, conveyor belt manufacturers have great demand in the industry. One of such nylon conveyor belt manufacturers India is HIC International Co Inc. Let us look at some of the products manufactured by the company.

Conveyor belt fasteners: Conveyor belts are important machinery. If there is one part of the conveyor belt more important than the conveyor belt itself, it has to be the humble conveyor belt fastener. The belt fastener is the equipment that holds on to the conveyor belt and helps it to perform its job without causing any accidents. Along with the manufacture of conveyor belts, HIC International Co Inc is also one of the top conveyor belt fasteners suppliers to manufacturing industries worldwide.

In addition to conveyor belts and their fasteners, this company manufactures transmission beltings, shaft couplings, and idler rollers. All these equipment are very important in the manufacturing industry. They are also one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial valves and fan belts.

Let us look at the various uses of some of the products they manufacture.

  • Conveyor belts: There are two types of conveyor belts in any industry. One is for movement of raw materials, industrial boxes, and bulk material inside the factory. The other kind of conveyor belts is those equipment that transport large volumes of industrial resources.
  • Transmission beltings: Transmission belt is a kind of a loop linking two or more rotating shafts. Usually, the loops run parallel to each other. They help in transmitting power quickly and efficiently.
  • Shaft couplings: Shaft couplings are devices used to connect two shafts together. The principal use of these shafts is to transmit power.
  • Industrial valves: Valves have great utility in various industries. They control the flow and pressure of liquids and gasses. You also know them by the name regulators. They vary in size, design, function, and operation.
  • V-belts: The V-belts run in a pulley with a 60-degree V-groove. They transmit torque through a wedging action thereby increasing friction.

We have seen some of the uses of various products manufactured by HIC International Co Inc. This company manufactures carrying idler rollers as well. This can be used instead of a toothed belt or a roller chain. This industrial equipment has great use in various sectors. This company is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of such quality equipment. Quality is one aspect that this company does not compromise. They have a great record of manufacturing state of the art industrial equipment that has use in all sectors of the industry.


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