These Trends In Android Phones Will Be The Game-Changers In 2017

May 4, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Android technology is developing every minute and there are some or the other enhancements waiting to bowl the users over with their sheer brilliance. The Android phones market is buzzing with lot of activity due to changes in networking and introduction of smarter features. So, here is the list of top few most welcoming changes that you may find in the Android gadgets in this year.

A performer in making – this is newer Android phone for you!

  • Faster LTE: Who is unaware of the 4G revolution these days? The 4G fever is said to have gripped the nation and the world and all smartphones are being made compatible with 4G chips. This clearly indicates that 3G phone is going to be the thing of past very soon.
  • Wearable Android phones: While some brands are working on making the Android mobile phone a foldable gadget, the visionaries like Lenovo has come up with the wearable solution that would allow the users to wear their Android phone like a watch. All major brands have geared up their innovation process to come up with the foldable mobile phone. This development is certainly and advancement over the foldable computers and is surely going to add to the multi-utility feature of the proposed latest mobile phones incredibly.
  • Computer like Chips: Android phones in India are aiming at bringing the computers, literally to wrists and palms. A few more advancements in the mobile processors are going to roll out in coming few months. Features like 10 CPU cores, or Snapdragon 835 are going to be the essential things to talk about in a premium android phone.
  • Better version of USB 2.0 ports: The upcoming lot of mobile phones will redefine connectivity. As the companies are working towards achieving the evolved USB 2.0 ports, the ones with USB-C are going to help connect the latest mobile phones with Android technology to myriad devices such as expandable storage solutions, high definition displays, etc. Thus, charging point is going to be a multi-functional interface in a mobile phone in 2017.
  • Virtual meets reality: Newer phones with Android in India will have facility to get plugged into Google’s DayDream View VR. This will be the sure-shot ticket to the virtual world and the facility of roaming to the VR world will be an added advantage extended to the users of Android powered mobile handsets. So, the user will be able to make his phone a complete entertainment tool and may have a private recreation area of his own on his personal handset.
  • Faster downloads: With super fast processors like QUALCOMM Snapdragon versions in making, the phone users will enjoy faster downloads with speeds reaching about 1Gbps in the coming few months. So, the network providers will have to work hard to help a phone user enjoy better features.
  • Object mapping: Your phone will be able to capture the image of things coming on screen and will give fair details about the features. This certainly would require storing a database of information on to the handset and as a result extended memory solutions will be in high demand.
  • Thinner, smarter and lighter models: Android phones will be sleeker in looks and lighter in weight. Dual camera, various sensors and augmented reality smartphones will add immensely to the user delight.
  • Charge in a jiffy: The problem of slow charging will be solved and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4 feature is going to be the perfect answer. The phone will need only 5 minutes of charging to stay in action for about 4-5 hours.
  • Phones with smart monitoring features: Android users find it difficult to manage the battery performance of their handsets. In addition to providing the usage report of the battery, one will be able to modulate the power consumption to make the battery available primarily for the things of priority.
  • High storage: No storage seems to be sufficient for the latest smartphones of the present times as users are downloading and saving like mavericks. Even 32 GB cards have found takers and now the prototype of 1TB is also out.

So, there will be lots of admirable innovations to devour in the coming models of Android phones. Keep checking and make every update count!

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