The Right Times to Consult Health and Safety Advisors

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Seeking the expertise of health and safety consultants in London is imperative. The real question is when one should hire CDM Consultants in London. There are four distinct times when you must consult health and safety advisors.

•           The first time is obviously when you are buying a property. It could be a standalone or detached house, it may be a semi-attached home, an apartment or a condo and it could be a commercial property. Every type of property regardless of its size and design should be safe. The only way to know for certain if the property is safe is to have a thorough inspection done by health and safety consultants in London. There are two aspects of the entire inspection and subsequently the detailed report. One level of checks would focus on the bare minimum safety requisites. These are almost entirely covered in the building codes. While realtors or developers must ensure that the property does tick all the checkboxes, the seller should ensure the same and any other agent who is involved in the process of selling the property, there remains a need for buyers to be reassured of the same. Regardless of whether or not there is any detailed account of the fire safety and other precautionary systems in place, a property buyer should always hire CDM consultants in London before buying the property or even expressing the intent to buy in writing.

•           Leasing is another scenario wherein tenants should consult Health and Safety Advisors. Residential tenants don’t always find this to be important and they wouldn’t be completely wrong but it is better to have health and safety consultants conduct a thorough inspection. Commercial tenants usually hire CDM consultants in London rather proactively because any lapse would pose serious risk to various assets and may even jeopardise the insurances a company may have.

•           Upgrading a property, any major renovation or substantial changes to the design, layout or structure of the property would call for a thorough inspection by the health and safety advisors. What you change may or may not have an impact on the health and safety standards in a property. Instead of guessing or hoping there are no problems, it is better to be sanguine of no adverse effects. The other time when you should hire health and safety consultants in London is if you haven’t done so for years. The rules of the game change from time to time and you should stay updated and your property must be upgraded from time to time.

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