The Proven Best Traffic Sources To Any Online Website Or Business

The proven, best source of TRAFFIC!

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Today, I will like to reveal to you the best source of web traffic in the World.

Let me shock you,
it is not Facebook,
It’s not Twitter,
It’s not YouTube,
It’s not LinkedIn,
It’s not even the Almighty Google!

So, what is this source of traffic that I’m talking about?

One day a popular and well respected Internet Marketer was running a Google Adwords campaign and was generating $600,000 consistently.

He was happy that he had gotten a reliable and trusted system that works but it came as a shock for him one morning when he opened his earning account just to discover that Google had closed his earning account.

He almost ran mad. But thank God he didn’t and learnt his lesson. He now use this method that I’m about to expose to you now and he’s getting the greatest result ever.

Another one was a very popular speaker who built a huge fan base using Fb Ads, running $5,000 Facebook Ads daily, investing all because he’s a very serious and well respected business man.
To his shock he also login one morning to discover that Facebook had blocked his account.
He was very disturbed, confused and wanted to cry!

But these guys found what brought laughter to their face today. They now have the best one source of traffic that cannot be taken away so far the Internet exist.

What is this one source of traffic that’s the best?

Yes! It’s the best and most secured source. I will explain it to you but before I go on.

If you’re a newbie you may be asking “What is Traffic?”

Traffic means the number of people that visit a website. These people are online users that click to read about you, your products and services.

They are the same as customers that visit a shop.

This Traffic that we are talking about is the blood life of any online business, that is the reason every online business needs to drive traffic.

An online business without traffic will not survive, also a shop with no customers.

There are 2 types of traffic:

1. FREE traffic
2. INVESTMENT traffic.

Free traffic is the visit you get to your website free without paying a dime.

INVESTMENT traffic is the visit you get from a paid advert.

The difference between free traffic and investment traffic is that free traffic requires your time and energy while investment traffic requires your money.

FREE traffic

These are the various ways to get FREE traffic.

You can get free traffic from discussion forum like Nairaland and other forums through the signature on your posts and comments.

I got over 400 clients free and made lots of money through my Nairaland signature.

Many people are leaving money on the table, wasting their time while some people are busy making money through the forum.

Use your signature!

Social Media:
You can get free traffic to your opt-in when you post on Facebook and when your friends share your post.

I built a Facebook group ‘NIGERIA BUSINESS WALL’ where I have over 60,000 members free. Whenever I post, I pin the post to the top of the group and it gives me free traffic.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms can drive free traffic to your opt-in free if well used.

Blog Comments:
There are Authorities in your niche, those that have more followers and influence than you. Subscribe to their mailing list to receive their mails, whenever they publish a post. Read their post, give helpful and reasonable comment then drop your own opt-in link with the comment. You will get free traffic.

Guest posts:
Bloggers need fresh contents, contact bloggers and write a post for them on what you know very well. Your name and your opt-in link will be on the blog to drive free traffic and establish you as an authority.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search engines are constantly searching for new content to give their users. If your content appear on the front page of a Google or Yahoo search result, this means a lot of free traffic.

This is where having a blog comes into place. On your blog, post content daily using keywords and relevant information to make the blog appear high in search engine results.

Include an opt-in box on the right-hand side of your blog. The more traffic your Blog gets, the more people will opt-in for the free gift. It’s that simple.

Others free traffic sources include: YouTube, Article submission, Quora and Yahoo answers e.t.c


1. Facebook Ads: This is a very effective method if well used. You can run a well targeted ads, this is not boosting your post. It’s running a targeted ads to reach the right people only at a lower cost.

2. Solo Ads: This is building your email list through a person who already have email list in your niche. You’re charged per click by the list owner.

3. Google AdWords: Google AdWords is a tried and true method of generating traffic. Google is the largest search engine in the World, and its ads appear on millions of websites. That’s a very huge network to tap into.

If Google AdWords is done very well, it can be a tremendous list grower.

4. Forum advert:
Some forums have built millions of users for years. You can place ads in a targeted section of forums with huge users. It’s affordable and converts well. If well utilized can grow your list in no time.

Others traffic INVESTMENT platforms includes: LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads e.t.c

Hear this very well.
The best source of traffic is Traffic from your built DATABASE. Which is your own LIST.

When you build your list, you have total CONTROL over your business! If Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google close down today it doesn’t affect you. (Which is not even possible because the Internet has come to stay and it keeps growing daily.) But anything can happen like the story of the two guys above.

Entrepreneurs and Company owners know that,

Control is key!

The best asset you can have online is your LIST! Build your List.

The money is in the List!

So, the bigger your List the bigger your $$$.

Action points:

1. Setup your opt-in and start building your list today!

2.Drive massive traffic, both free and investment traffic to your list everyday!

3. Engage your list, give them VALUE and SELL!

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-Dr. Smart Oyejide

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