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Snowfall and low temperatures have made the conditions on many roads of our city and podia extremely treacherous and you should drive more carefully, slower and more sensible. Since Friday, we recorded 14 road incidents, including 1 accident. That is why we appeal to those who are driving for careful driving. We also ask the pedestrians to remember about wearing reflective clothing – reminds Sergeant Anna from the Rybnik police.

Unfortunately, despite numerous actions and appeals of Rybnik police officers, we have noticed several road incidents since Friday. Fortunately, most of them were only so-called collisions. Unfortunately, there was also an accident.

The accident happened tonight, around 4.00 on Borski Street in Rybnik. From the preliminary findings of the police officers of the Rybnik road traffic department, it appears that Opel driver – 28-year-old Rybnik resident – driving towards Gory, did not adjust the speed to road conditions, lost control of the vehicle and hit a parked BMW car. The police in safety vest checked the sobriety of the driver. The result of the test on the breathalyzer showed in his body nearly 2 miles of alcohol. While checking in police bases, it turned out that the 28-year-old did not have the right to drive. The exact circumstances of the accident will be explained in the pre-trial proceedings conducted by Rybnik uniformed.

Rybnik Police reminds Low temperature and snowfall caused a significant deterioration of conditions for driving a car. The roads became slippery. Under such conditions, a moment of inattention is enough to lose control of the vehicle and end the ride in the ditch. Rybnik police officers appeal for great caution and imagination. Drivers in such conditions should keep longer distances between moving vehicles and avoid sudden braking. Above all, take your foot off the gas to safely reach the destination.

Pedestrians should also be especially careful. Entering the road directly before a moving vehicle, they risk a lot. On a slippery surface, the braking distance is significantly longer. Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember about their safety and take care to be visible. A reflective vest, key chain, headband, or even a flashlight can save your life.

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