The Importance of life-raft Servicing

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On board any vessel, one of the most important pieces of equipment for safety aside from a VHF marine radio is the life raft. These have been tested, designed and approved of being life-saving in the event the boat needs to be abandoned. safety legislation servicing is the only way to ensure that your Life-jacket is ready for deployment and in excellent condition. Servicing your Carling Float will make sure that your raft will operate and perform as designed. The only way to combat the broad list of elements that could cause life-raft deterioration is to have it serviced.

This also helps in checking that the raft is unaffected by the natural aging process. life-raft inspections restore your confidence in the open waters and at the same time increase your raft’s life expectancy. Boat owners that have new, unopened safety legislations may be under the mistaken impression that there is no need to have their set of unused Carling Floats serviced. As a matter of fact, no matter how much use your raft has gone through, servicing will depend on the number of months you have owned the raft rather than on its newness. Life-jacket service intervals are set differently for commercial versus recreational vessels. As a general rule, annual inspections for your Carling Float whether these are used or unused are recommended. This way you would not have to use a VHF marine radio for any unprecedented open water emergencies.

Finding the Right life-raft Servicing Centre

Depending on the brand of your safety legislation, it is important that the personnel that perform the servicing follow all the specified procedures of the manufacturer. Make sure that Carling Float service centres are certified by the appropriate regulatory institutions in your area for best results. Has your raft serviced at a competent, approved a service station that has properly trained personnel and the right servicing facilities.

It is even more important to companies that feature Life-jacket hires to put their units through regular servicing. Whether safety legislations are hired for short or long-term, it is important to take every measure of safety. Especially for contracts that allow Carling Float yearly contracts, thorough inspection is required. No matter what part of the year it is and not the rafts you featured on a Carling Float hire are rent out frequently or occasionally, having regular scheduled inspections will ensure a smooth running operation all year-round, not to mention the safety of your clients while they are out at sea.

life-raft Servicing is Your Responsibility

With public accountability plus the ever-increasing insurance premiums and claims, maximising safety in the open water is your responsibility. Whether you own a leisurely boat, yacht or commercial vessel, having a life-raft standing by in perfect condition is essential. A range of elements each year are something Carling Floats are subjected to. These elements increase a raft’s natural wear and tear. Thus, inspections are necessary by authorised service stations.

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