Test the Magnesium Oxide Content

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   As a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer, Meishen Technology will introduce the procedures in magnesium oxide content Test.

Magnesium oxide legitimate water test

Theoretical basis: Only active magnesium oxide can be reacted with boiling water.

Steps: Accurately weigh 100 grams of magnesium oxide into a constant weight dry beaker, water was added to 400g, so that it is completely wet. Then heating boiling 2 hours on the furnace(Experiments have proved that, at 100 degrees C, two hours of hydration reaction to become fully), at last, take out and drying to constant weight of up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Calculation method: Magnesium oxide content is calculated according to the following formula. The activity of magnesium oxide content = (A – 100) / 45 x 100%. 100 is sample quality before hydration, A is the sample quality after hydration, 45 is a conversion factor.

Explanation: A lot of information is put forward to boil for 45 minutes. Stop the heating time is based on: Turn off electric power, the slurry quickly stop boiling. Because the reaction of magnesium oxide with water is an exothermic reaction, before the reaction is not over, if you stop the heating, the reaction heat will continue to maintain the slurry boiling for some time.

Through a large number of trials, general boil 2 hours response tends to completely. Issues that need attention: the heating process, to avoid spilling a beaker of slurry; drying time is as long as possible to ensure complete evaporation of moisture.

What’s more, Meishen has Export license. If you want to have the business on magnesium oxide import and export, please choose a formal magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, that is to say, it should have complete export licenses.Export license (Export Licence), refers to the Ministry of Commerce authorizes the issuing authority for the implementation of the law to limit the number or granted the export license restrictions of other export goods issued. Only a few larger enterprises can apply for in China, Meishen is one of them. Meishen mainly engaged in magnesium oxide production and sales of chemical raw materials and other products, since set up for more than 20 years, depend on high-quality products, reasonable prices, flexible marketing means, perfect after-sales service, won the trust of our customers.

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