Tech Support Group for the rest of us

Tech Support Group for the rest of us

Though all are welcome, the main membership here is tech support, not customers. We are they, we are them, they are us. We are the people who have done tech support going back to card punch days, through dial up, though hand coding static HTML pages, to PERL. Whatever you need help or support with, we are your community, we are all here to help. We want to hear all about where our members have been, what you’ve done to get here, maybe old images, we will add a buy and sell and question and answer section shortly. We hope to always be supportive of our community members who can’t talk to anyone else in acronyms. No one gets us, but each other. TechSupport.Group An online community for the rest of us We all think differently, talk in acronyms, and overall, no one else gets us. It is always fun and good to find others that can relate and be supportive. Join us now for free and share with your new community.


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