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Strengthen the Development of Magnesium Carbonate with High Value-added

January 4, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

   In recent years, the capacity of our country’s magnesium carbonate increases a lot. However, for the tradition downstream industries, the magnesium carbonate requirement shows fewer. The problems of excess production capacity and market sluggishness are needed to be solved. As a professional magnesium carbonate manufacturer and magnesium oxide manufacturer, Meishen Technology suggests that it should strengthen the development of magnesium oxide with high value-added. It will be one of efficient path to solve the problem of magnesium carbonate excess production capacity.

Affected by crisis of international finance, the operating rate of chemical industry decreased a lot, and the requirement for magnesium carbonate reduced a lot. For the past few years, expect the medicine and food industry remains a certain growth, the growth other downstream industry has slow down. The contradiction of supply exceeds demand is outstanding. Because of dull sale, many magnesium carbonate manufacturers reduce output, it increases the cost of magnesium carbonate.

The magnesium carbonate’s excess production capacity and market sluggishness lead to low rate of operation. Some magnesium carbonate manufacturers’ rate of operation is less than 50%. Some of them even have stopped production. The contradiction of magnesium carbonate unbalanced development is serious. So the overcapacity situation of it is very grim. In the second half of this year, although the domestic magnesium carbonate market improved a little, it is caused by policy reason, production restriction, halt production and rising raw material price. It is not recovery of overall market.

Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is a long-established enterprise to produce magnesium carbonate. It is one of the big producer of magnesium carbonate in China. Facing the overcapacity situation in the domestic market, Meishen Technology introduces ten thousand tons of pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate, food grade magnesium carbonate and a series of product project. At present, this magnesium carbonate product project with high added vale will be put into production in commission not long after. It not only can consume surplus magnesium carbonate, but also can extend industry chain and improve the added value. In recent years, Meishen’s demand of pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate and food grade magnesium carbonate exceeds supply, the sales of it hits a new high.

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