Something About the Magnesium Oxide for Phenolic Resin

November 8, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Recently, some customers consults the information about magnesium oxide for phenolic resin. However, this customer is just a merchant. He is not know the detail information about this product. Taking this opportunity, as a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier, Meishen Technology tells you something about magnesium oxide for phenolic resin, and related knowledge about magnesium oxide.

Adding magnesium oxide into phenolic resin and polymer resin, it takes the role of catalysis and acceptor. There is a special coating on the mechanical equipment. It can increase shading coefficient and reflectivity through MgO’s resistance to elevated temperatures. And it has strict requirements for the content of magnesium oxide and calcium oxide, and apparent specific volume. Matters need attention: the magnesium oxide with good whiteness and bulk mass is better. For polymer resin, both the light magnesium oxide and reactive magnesium oxide can be used for. And they have different standards.

Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is a high tech corporate magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer. It is focusing on the R&D of magnesium oxide. At present, it mainly produce three kinds of products:magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulfate. It accounts for more than 300 kinds of products. Among these, there are several patented products. It sells to India, Span, Italy, Korea and so on.

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