Reliable Web Hosting Service? Read This Before You Hire One!

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Let’s assume your business has an amazing product, you have a brilliant sales and service team, the marketing team is also driving stellar traffic to your website … All these are an utter failure if your web host isn’t reliable and fails to provide excellent online retail experience…

Your customers shall abandon your site and support your competitors. There are many examples where due to bad hosting and uptime the site has crashed, resulting in loss of sales and reputation.

Looking at the above drawbacks, it is very important your business has a strong web strategy. The primary foundation to this is a website that functions correctly. You require a stable web hosting company that guarantees good uptime and a pleasurable user experience. So, whether you are launching a brand-new site or redesigning an existing one, remember these top 5 features when searching for a Web host for your business.

  1. Backup

It is very important that your data is backed up so that in case of any security threats your content is easily accessible and your business is ready to get started. Most web hosting providers recommend one-click off-site backup that allows your data to get back online immediately.

  1. Security

The rising cyberattacks and malware threats can put your private information at risk or even lead to a website crash. Thus, it is very obvious that security is the vital thing to be considered when searching a web host.

When searching for a Web host, search for a hosting provider that uses encryption technology between the user and the server. Most hosting providers use encryption between the Web host server and your business server thus ensuring that all the data or communication is encrypted and protected from hackers. Using password storage will help you to keep away from storing passwords in plain text format.

  1. Analytics

Analytics can help craft your marketing and content strategy and hence it should be easily accessible and updated in real time. So, learn about the built-in analytics offers that the hosting provider offers while you hire them.

It is also better to work with a host that makes it easy for you to integrate changes to your website. Search for one that allows for simple and straightforward login capabilities, offers an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to make updates to content as well as access its features.

  1. Customer support

24×7 support is very vital these days as you have visitors from around the globe. Pick a company with qualified customer service knowledge and that they can answer your queries at any time, in the language you speak.

  1. Scalability

Select a web host with a substantial uptime guarantee and reliable server capability support. Look for a company that can grow along with you and as per your needs.

In addition, beware of shared hosting wherein your website will be hosted on a server with many other sites. It can disturb your business by affecting your website speed thus affecting customer satisfaction. It is also important that you evaluate any potential cost increases based on growth.

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