Reasons Gun Safes are Essential for Every Household

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The US is plagued with gun-related violence which kills an average of nearly 4 children every single day. In fact, the US accounts for over 70% of all children murdered in the developed world. Courts’ interpretations of the Second Amendment have given Americans easy and instant access to a variety of firearms—not only handguns but also deadly hunting, assault and sniper rifles and machine guns. Recent data indicates that an increasing number of gun accidents occur because of the unrestricted and unauthorized accessibility of firearms. In simpler language, accidents happen because guns are not safely stored out of the reach of unintended hands.

Guns are most commonly purchased for target practice, hunting and personal protection but, regardless of their intended purpose, guns are dangerous and potentially deadly weapons. It is, therefore, incumbent upon gun owners to secure and keep them out of the wrong hands. Owners are increasingly turning to gun safes to carry out this important task.

Guns, ammunition and accessories can be securely stored inside specialized gun safes, as can jewelry, documents and other valuables. Today’s most sought-after safes feature innovative lock mechanisms to protect contents from access by external interests.

There are many benefits to securing a firearm in a gun safe but here are a few:

1. Access by Children

Young children are inquisitive by nature. With unsupervised access to firearms, they can unknowingly pull the trigger and seriously—even fatally—harm themselves and/or others around them. Teenagers are more likely to handle firearms for bragging purposes but this handling also often leads to unintentional discharge and injury and death. An overwhelming majority of gun accidents involving children are preventable by simply restricting access to guns.

2. Access by Intruders

If an intruder breaks into a home, she or he can only steal what is accessible. For this reason, guns and valuables should be safely stored in a locked gun safe. If a gun is not secured then stolen and subsequently used in the commission of a crime, there is a very real possibility that the gun’s owner could face criminal charges in many states and municipalities.

3. Protection from Fire

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that a fire affecting a home’s structure starts every 85 seconds and fires cause a staggering $6 billion in property damage each year. While no gun safe is completely fireproof—regardless of its construction, every safe has a temperature-limit at which it will be compromised—it provides a pivotal line of defense for protecting your valuables from fire.

4. Follow Laws

Though there currently is no federal legislation requiring that a firearm be locked up, nearly 30 states do have such laws to prevent access to children—even if the gun’s owner does not have children of her or his own. An owner may face legal liability for negligence even if an unsecured gun is not accessed by a child…the fact that it could be accessed is enough to get the owner in trouble.

There are many types and sizes of gun safes for sale from a range of manufacturers. They range from small—adequate for storage of a handgun—to massive—suitable for shotguns or assault rifles—with height and width dimensions surpassing six feet. Given the value of what is stored inside these safes and, more importantly, the value of those they are protecting, it is imperative to fully research all options prior to purchasing from a trusted source.

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