Raymond mill in the machinery industry

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Raymond mill as the machinery industry, the originator of the flour industry, because of its continuous development of the times to upgrade, but also makes it have a better reputation and sales. In Chain  in recent years, more and more mechanical milling industry rise, also increased the use and sales for Raymond mill. So, on the area, many mechanical professionals pointed out that Raymond grinding is not good, Pingdu Lei Meng grinding there is no sale. So, the following on the Chain Raymond mill, we made the following related description: Pingdu Raymond professional sales staff pointed out that in recent years in Chain  especially Raymond mill sales is indeed a big step forward, in fact, Chain Raymond mill Of the extensive sales also means that the Chain milling industry has been the national standard level, for the use of Raymond mill norms also highlights our deep understanding of the machinery industry in Chain
The industry will know, for Raymond mill, we will not only use, but also maintenance, then, the specific maintenance method is what? ‘We made the following description: First, the first question is, Pingdu Raymond Grinding to prohibit the metal block into the host within, once found into the metal block, the need for professional staff to immediately remove the out, or Ray Ray will damage the blade even lead to spindle stuck. At the same time, on the other hand, when the feeding must be done evenly, can not suddenly more than suddenly, too much feeding will be Raymond grinding duct blocked, reduce the production of grinding, and even lead to motor burned. If the work process, the feed is too small, it will cause Raymond grinding mill production greatly reduced.
Finally, the diameter of the material, especially the hard material, must be less than fifteen millimeters in terms of the particle size of the Raymond mill, and the soft material will need less than twenty millimeters. Of particular note, , To prevent the mine caused more damage Raymond, Raymond mill is the professional staff of Raymond mill maintenance of the introduction. At the same time, Chain Raymond mill professionals pointed out that the Pingdu Raymond mill air volume adjustment problem, Raymond mill is located in the fan into the air duct on the air flow control valve, generally see the largest location, according to the relevant Raymond mill The fineness, the amount of output required to adjust the amount of the appropriate direction.
Colleagues, need to pay attention to the Raymond mill is located in the fan outlet dust pipe on the control valve, transferred to the feed port can be no dust spray. Another aspect of the air volume should not be too small, Raymond mill is too small, then the fan below the duct easy to precipitate the material, it must be adjusted to ensure the normal work performance.

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