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Purchase USA Manufactured Bulletproof Vests from a Leading Online Store

February 2, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

There are many personal protection products available that have proven to be effective against security threats. One item in particular is the bulletproof vests, it’s one of those protective items that can protect the body from bullets and sharp objects. These bulletproof vests are made of strong fibers or steel and can prevent bullets of different calibers from bodily harm.

Extensive testing is critical when it comes to the manufacturing of bulletproof vests, as they have to withstand significant damage to prove it’s effectiveness for the end user. There are manufacturing standards that are provided by government bodies that should be strictly adhered to.

Bulletproof vest are good for ballistic protection:

The bullet proof vest is resilient to bullets and capable of stopping high caliber ammunition. Most of the vests currently on the market are heavy in weight.

Bulletproof vest are protective from edged blades:

Some bulletproof vests are made of materials like polyethylene and ceramic to defend against weapon attacks like knives and other sharp objects.

Bulletproof vest also let you against explosive attacks:

Explosive protection is important to protect you against destructive weapons such as grenades and other explosive devices. These vests have steel plates to assist you in absorbing the impact of such dreadful attacks.

Bulletproof vest minimizes the chances of injuries:

These protective armor clothing are made of durable materials that can decrease the chances of injury when impacted by bullets or other harmful objects.

There are a few online retailers that provide such protective gears at reasonable rates. Premier Body Armor is one such online retailer. Premier Body Armor is a commercial armor producer that offers a wide selection of armor system including plate carriers, NIJ certified premier Durus 800, premier level III + armor plates, civilian approved body armor systems and more. Founded in October 2013, the company has been providing armor products that feature a multi-curve design. Most important, their products are USA manufactured and defend completely against shot guns and high powered rifles as well.

About Premier Body Armor:

Premier Body Armor is a leading online retailer that provides steel body armor at competitive rates. To know more, you can log on to

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