Puppet Advent Calendar App Making the Month of December More Joyful

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Christmas is one of the greatest events for those who follow Christianity. Christmas is the day on which the birth of the Son of God (Jesus) is celebrated. Centuries ago, Christians thought that there should not only be one day for celebrating the day as auspicious as Christmas and the idea of celebrating advent was brought up. Since then the people of Christian community have been celebrating advent as the month of preparation and contemplation for Christmas. The month of advent is also the time when people can teach their children about the traditions and beliefs of Christianity. The advent calendar was also introduced as an easy daily count down.

A Christian Advent calendar was the concept which combined Christian pictures of the nativity to make the month of advent more joyful and encouraged hints and explanations of the story in the build up to and account after Jesus’ birth. The idea behind the Christian advent calendar was convey the importance and beliefs of Christmas and Christianity to the people that did not previously understand the true message behind Christmas. Advent calendars are regarded as interesting tools to broadcast the traditional beliefs and values of the Christianity to the younger generation. With time, advent calendars evolved and became source of fun, knowledge, creativity and new ideas.

The new generation took Advent calendars in an utterly positive and interesting manner. Along with knowledge and learning advent calendars became the tool for conveying new ideas. Advent calendars are still loved because they make the month of anticipation of Christmas entertaining and engaging. There are several companies that make advent calendars and few of them also provide application for Nativity advent calendar.

That Advent Puppet Calendar is an upcoming app, which will launch this year before Christmas. This calendar app consists of daily short video clips of the puppets, which will convey the story and some truths of the Christian nativity, to entertain you and the whole family throughout advent and give you knowledge whilst providing valuable teachings of Christianity at the same time.

About That Advent Puppet Calendar:

That Advent Puppet Calendar is an app which will get launched in December 2017. The Puppet advent calendar is designed to make your advent month more interesting, joyful and informative. For more information about That Advent Puppet Calendar app, you can log on to thatadventpuppetapp.org.uk.

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