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     Content – IS so very important!

  • Content will help your search engine results

All search engines work on content, they have different ways (algorithms) to measure this, and you can get b;locked for overuse of keywords.  The simple rule, write naturally, provide good and relevant content, this will work.

  • Content will attract visitors to your pages

Why do you go to a particular webpage?  You want to see or learn but, relevant to your search terms.  If you are looking for webhosting, you may end up here, probably not as likely if your shopping for a new truck?  Again, make sure your content is relevant.

  • Fresh and new content will generate return visitors

We’ll go back to the truck analogy above, so you go to your local dealer, see a few trucks, none particularly interesting.  A few weeks later you go back, there are the exact same vehicles, still nothing to buy.  Even so far as a few more weeks later, and you are back again, same old vehicles as the first time.  Are you going to keep going back or just go somewhere else with fresh stock?  Same with websites!  Try and post even one new article as often as once a day or more if you have stuff to post.

  • Relevant content – must relate to what your visitors are here for

If you are looking to buy some new socks you don’t want to end up say at a car dealer website.  If you are a car dealer website, have car stuff there.  If you sell socks online, that is your content.  If you sell socks and cars, then have 2 distinct and separate websites.  If you have multiple lines, there is only a budgetary and time constraint on how many websites you can have.

By following some basic ideas, you will have a greater chance of success, however,  don’t forget, this is the internet, there are absolutely no guarantees!

Have fun, get creative, and who knows, hopefully you end up making money!


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