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Get traffic to your new online presence, without spending.

So, after all of this work, you need people to know you are around.  How do you get people to know your new website exists, without spending money you don’t have on advertising?  There are many ways to promote your content for free and attract new visitors.

With no or not much capital, you do get limited as to where and how you advertise, with free being the best option.  In these days where someone wants something (usually cash) for every little thing you may need, how do you keep working within little to no budget?

  • Join other blogs, and re-post your original content, but, make sure you advertise your link as much as you can.  Completely brand your re-post,  Even include logo if you can.
  • Some sites have question and answer sections, post your answers to these, but, use your domain name as your user name so every answer links back to your site.
  • Use free classified sites where yo are able to advertise what you have.  Again, post links back to your own site.
  • Basically, put your brand everywhere you can (for free) and make sure everything you post can be linked back to you. - free traffic generation

Targeting or not?

This is the one place where specific targeting may not work in your favor….

If you are in a competitive market, you are good to post and share, but, probably won’t generate much in the way of traffic (though this would be good if you did).  So, if you are in a competitive market, from our experience,sometimes it is better to reverse target.  So, advertise your men’s sport socks in a post on an online chess club site.  You will probably be the only one advertising these here, so even though your targeting may be off, you will probably have a higher percentage of this particular market segment.

We try and post at least one new blog post, and often many more, every day.  We also try and submit to at lest five other sites daily.  This generates interest in what you offer, and also helps SEO efforts in that this also makes links back to your site from other sites, like a referral.

Total cost to you for the above traffic and advertising = 0

A recent find to post to about many subjects, for free –


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