Outdoor Training of Meishen in 2017

November 1, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

   In order to promote the communication among each subsidiary corporation, and enhance the team’s cohesive force, from October 4 to October 5, 2017, Meishen Technology organized an outdoor training. In this training, all the employees of this magnesium oxide manufacturer are willing to take challenge, dare to take their responsibilities, break through the limit and show the mien of MEISHEN. During this activity, it enhances the team consciousness.
Firstly, the coach demanded us to dress the ranks, divide into groups, choose the captain and select team name. Soon we involved in the activity with enthusiasm. The outdoor training held multiple projects, such as “wisdom seven-piece puzzle”, “rock climbing”, “When conditions are ripe, success will come”, “a glean hope of survival”, “Fly wins Luding Bridge”, etc. Facing the failures and punishments again and again, teammates did not abandon and do not give up. On the contrary, they overcame the difficulties.Just like this magnesium oxide supplier over come the difficulties.

Every time finished a project, we have great perception and grow up. Facing these challenges, all the employees had keen interest. At first, some people is undemonstrative. After starting the activity, all the people became buddy-buddy soon.
After the activity, all the people got together to share the valuable gains and experience. Through the outdoor training, every body realizes a truth: the slowest pace is team’s speed. Therefore, it further enhances the team awareness and team spirit of all employees. What’s more, it relaxes all the employees in the rush works. Next, we can meet tomorrow works and life with better mental attitute.

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