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A site with stories for children. When Your baby should sleep in the evening you can ask to hear tales of sleeping children. This site stories are at:
Here you can listen radio plays or see Romanian movies. The site it self does not host plays radio or television. Guides you to where it is hosted song you want to listen. So it is for movies, stories and cartoons. Everything in this blog.
The first radio play was transmitted live on 18 February 1929 with one-act play “What did the village” by V. Al. Jean, in the performances of the National Theatre and Maria Filotti Romald Bulfinski.
How many years later in 1932 he was sent the first radio plays for children “Ciresica”.

The plays are put on categories and the categories are listed in alphabetical order.
So the movies and the remaining shares.

The cartoons are available in 3 categories. There are cartoons in Romanian. Translation cartoons. Cartoons in the original language without translation.

Romanian movies are only movies.
We will try to do in the future as new categories: comedy, drama, actors prefer, etc.

On this blog you will meet with actors you prefer yours with famous lines from movies or plays. Everything is just a click away.
Free your time from now on you can spend a pleasant and useful.
You can access the blog Your house or driving cars. Driving the vehicle from now on will be more enjoyable.


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