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Whenever we speak of any civilizations and the crops cultivated during the period, there will be discussion about hemp. This is because Hemp has been part of countless civilizations since ancient times. These ancient people had recognized the use of hemp and its products, especially hemp CBD oil as great for medicinal use. Let us now look at the concept of using organic cbd products in medicine.


What is CBD?


CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plant has a great reputation of being used as an intoxicating drug. However, cannabis plant has fantastic medicinal value attached to it. One of the main products associated with cannabis and marijuana plants is THC. THC is a vital component of these plants widely used in the health industry. Cannabidiol has similar medicinal qualities, except for the fact that CBD does not cause any psychoactive side effects.


Where can you get these organic CBD products?


Due to the intoxicating nature of the products of the cannabis plants, various governments all over the world have banned its cultivation and sale. That is why for a company to bring the healing effect of CBD, the other healing component in cannabis, THC has to be removed from the final product being sold.  One such company is CTFO. Perfectly named as our motto is Changing The Future Outcome of people’s health and wealth.


Is cultivating hemp legal?


Recent research has proved that help oils have great neuroprotective effect. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is illegal to grow marijuana (cannabis) as a normal crop because of its THC content. As far as CBD legality is concerned, are only 3 ways by which you can legally acquire CBD in the US.


  • Import from countries like Canada, China, and European nations
  • Get it from a medical marijuana program
  • A  domestic  industrial  hemp program


CTFO derives theirs from non-THC industrial hemp, the same plant used to make physical hemp goods.


Is it something new?


Strictly speaking, it is not. Hemp CBD Oil has a great history of being one of the most popular plants cultivated in the US. Historically, hemp was grown for more than 12000 years, much before the invention of modern medicine.

Role of CTFO


CTFO has a commitment to provide the highest quality of hemp products in the market. The growing awareness about the medicinal qualities of organic Hemp CBD Oil will serve as a fuel for the growth of this industry. CTFO aims to provide a unique opportunity to people where they can partner as an associate and bring the healing power of CBD legally, to the residents of USA and Canada.




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