MgO Impacts on Glass Ceramics

May 16, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

As a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer, Meishen talks about the impacts of magnesium oxide on glass ceramics today.

  • Impact on Viscosity

   The impact of magnesium oxide on viscosity is similar with melting temperature. Under low temperature, introducing magnesium oxide can increase the viscosity between frit and glass ceramics. Under high temperature, introducing magnesium oxide will decrease the viscosity between frit and glass ceramics. However, this function will slow down with the increasing additive amount. After exceeded a certain additive amount, the viscosity will be increased.

  • Impact on Thermal Expansion

Compared with BaO and CaO, magnesium oxide can replace them to decrease coefficient of thermal expansion. However, the range is small. Compared with ZnO, magnesium oxide replace it can increase the thermal expansivity between frit and glass ceramics. Therefore, if you want to reduce the thermal expansivity between frit and glass ceramics, you should select the raw material which includes silicon dioxide and boric oxide.

  • Impact on Surface Tension

Magnesium oxide can improve the surface tension of frit and glass ceramics. In this aspect, it hasn’t any element compare with magnesium oxide. Must remember this function of MgO. It will become an important idea to research recipe.

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