Meishen Implementes the New Production Safety Rule

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These days, the enterprise management departments of Meishen Technology investigate and survey through going deep into each branch companies and workshops. And then, according to the practical situation, it has modified and perfected the production safety rule based on the original idea. Therefore, it can better ensure the employee health during producing magnesium oxide. Some time ago, Meishen Technology implelements the new production safety rule formally.

When learning the new production safety rule, Meishen Technology formulates the concrete methods about how to learn it, and requests that every staff should write down the study notes. Meishen enhances the propaganda for the new production safety rules through corporate medias, such as office network, broadcast, newspaper and other medias. What’s more, in order to make sure everyone can master it comprehensively and systematically, Meishen Technology creates strong learning atmosphere. The detail methods are: massed learning of executor, group learning of administrative staff and daily learning of employees and workers. It can lead them to realize the important significance of learning new production safety rules.

As thus, all the staffs of Meishen Technology are demanded that they should carry out the new production safety rules in the daily work. For the hidden danger’s investigation and reformation, it should pay more attention.

In order to become a cosmopolitan large magnesium oxide manufacturer, Meishen Technology must always stick to safe production awareness and constantly control safety production. And it has to make sure the security of staffs during productive process and the stability of MgO products in production. Therefore, it can lay a solid foundation for the manufacturing of the second half year.

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