Meishen Creates a Global Magnesium Oxide Supplier

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   At present, the Meishen Technology is the largest magnesium oxide supplier in Asian-Pacific region and the most competitive magnesium oxide manufacturer all over the world. So, how does Meishen break through barricades? And how does it make a great research and develop breakthrough? How about the development strategy and development road of the Meishen? Now, let us enter the Meishen Technology, and look at the development road of the Meishen Technology, which is a first three magnesium oxide manufacturer in the aspect of MgO market share.

At present, the leading product of Meishen Technology is magnesium oxide. The capacity of it can achieves tens of thousands of tons each year. It ranks first in the world. What’s more, Meishen Technology can produce magnesium carbonate more than ten thousand tons. It is the top capacity in China. According to the introduction from Sunwen, the CEO of Meishen Technology, “in the magnesium oxide, the high end material is the most crucial and the largest usage amount raw material. However, many enterprises’ manufacturing technology root in the magnesium oxide production equipment in the ’80s.”

There is a lot of problems in the magnesium oxide industry: it has no core technology; the highly monopoly exists in this industry; the market competition is cruel; the process engineering is complicated. Facing these problems, Meishen Technology puts forward that we should innovate in the thought, dealing with concrete issues in practice, and develop extremely hard self-dependent innovation with persistence. After introducing the backward production equipment, Meishen digest, absorbs and recreates it. Finally, it is succeed in breaking through monopoly and block of foreign technology, and developing the magnesium oxide manufacturing technology with proprietary intellectual property rights and super-large scale. This manufacturing technology achieves a big break. And it is the only magnesium oxide manufacturer uses dolomite carbonation, brine chemical combination and magnesite carbonization method. In addition, it leads the Chinese magnesium oxide manufacturing technology all over the world, and makes Meishen Technolohy to occupy leading position from a very low capacity.


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