Make the strips suitable for Lamination Adhesive

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For these reasons they are now highly valued and companies strive to locate professional digital label printers who can create high quality self Solvent Based Adhesive .

Some digital label makers work in partnership with their clients to produce label designs that are original, reflect the company’s brand image and most importantly will appeal to the customer. People are always drawn to eye catching objects so the ideal packaging can draw people unfamiliar with the brand in and hopefully result in adding a new customer to the target market.

You know how thermal binding works. The pages stick to a layer of glue so that they are held together. In order to use the machine, you need thermal binder adhesive. There are a number of forms this material can come in. You should learn all about the different options so that you can make the right choice.

You can opt for a ready to use folder, also called cover. It has glue on its spine, so you do not have to worry about adding it yourself. This is by far the simplest choice. The folders are functional and easy to use. Furthermore, some machine work only with such materials. Another benefit is that you can choose from all sort of folders paper, plastic, hardcover linen and leatherette ones.

The next option is to get thermal binder adhesive strips. These have glue on both sides. You simply take a piece and stick it to the spine of every folder that you like. This is a great option, if you have special folders that you would like to use for book assembly.

You can easily do some cutting to make the strips suitable for Lamination Adhesive , irrespective of its size. Still, the quality of binding will depend on the quality of the strips as well as on how well you apply them.

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