Maintain Soil Fertility with Organic Farming Approach and NuTech Seeds

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Long-term use of traditional, chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural processes has greatly deteriorated the quality of the soil. While these chemicals can improve the productivity of crops, they also tend to be extremely harmful to the health of consumers and this is motivating farmers to gravitate toward organic farming methods. Organic farming involves techniques that work to boost the fertility of soil. It works with nature –not against it—to produce high-quality foods while maintaining an ecological balance that can prevent pest problems but also maintain the soil’s nutrient content.

Before the creation of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, farming was completely natural and organic. Suddenly, however, a dramatically increasing world population required much more food and this created the need for synthetic fertilizers. Additional technological advancements gave birth to GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), for which scientists engineer the genetic makeup of seeds to combine the traits of two genes in a single seed. Genetic modification is increasingly viewed as a dangerous technology which results in food products that contain dangerous toxins and allergens.

Organic farming prohibits the use of GMOs during any stage of food production and processing, choosing to encourage natural biodiversity through a precautionary approach. Companies such as NuTech Seed utilize the latest standards and breakthroughs in organic farming to provide farmers with organic seeds that improve and increase production. Explosive demand for NuTech Seed and other related products is the sign that consumers are opting for organic products and NuTech Seed is committed to the facilitation of this continuing trend of organic consumption. With its high-quality hybrid seed production and wide network of retailers, NuTech Seed is making organic farming a simple, attractive and lucrative proposition.

All seeds provided by NuTech Seed are grown with an absolute adherence to the standards of organic farming. Instead of applying traditional fertilizers and pesticides, NuTech has mastered alternative methods such as inter cropping, crop rotation and cover crops. These have been proven to achieve the same results while also organically building up the soil through the prevention of soil erosion and enhancement of its nutritional value. Chemical-based fertilizers also add significant levels of pollutants to underground water supplies but, with the use of organic farming methods and natural fertilizers like green manure, this problem can be quickly resolved.

NuTech Seed offers a wide range of organic seeds—including non-GMO alfalfa seed and cover crop seed—and Forage Complete is proud to be an exclusive retailer of NuTech’s supplies.

Forage Complete is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest as a top provider of superior-quality seeds specifically produced for organic farming. In addition to Nutech’s seeds, Forage Complete also offers supplemental organic products including alfalfa and corn and cover crops like Rocket Lettuce, Bokito Radish and Yellow and Smash Mustards. It also provides continuing and timely education to customers regarding the different seeds, crops and processes to aid farmers in enhancing the productivity of their crops. Forage Complete employs the latest trends and breakthroughs in corn seed, alfalfa seed and related products to deliver end results that are unparalleled and not available elsewhere.

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Forage Complete is a Pacific Northwest-based retailer selling the best available organic seeds. From the top-quality products of NuTech Seed to non gmo alfalfa seed and other organic products to specialized cover crops, it supplies a wide variety of organic seeds to promote organic farming.

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