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Magnesium oxide is an important additive chemical raw material. It can be widely used in the production of Tire, Adhesive, Rubber, Wire&Cable, Ceramics, Silicon steel, Medicine, Food, Animal feed, Conveyer belt, Glass fiber reinforced plastics, Friction material, Fungicide and other industries. There is a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier named Meishen. Now Meishen’s magnesium oxide has a big discount and in hot sell, you can store it in advance.


Magnesium oxide price is depends on the content of MgO, and Meishen can offer customized production. It promise that in the same quality, Meishen’s price is the cheapest, and the service is best ! In the condition of exporting largely, it has a big discount of magnesium oxide, in order to give more support to industrial manufacturers and make MEISHEN brand famous in the world.


For example, LCD TV, LCD computer, etc., have been very common to see in daily life. But do you know that, in the progress of LCD Glass production, a kind of chemical raw material, magnesium oxide for LCD Glass is needed.


Adding magnesium oxide to LCD glass, can effectively control the molten glass hardening rate and crystallization performance, mainly refers to physical properties of high-temperature glass. While improving the performance of glass melting, playing the role of fluxing. Control the curing speed, to suit the needs of high-speed molding—viscosity get larger and harder in a relatively short period of time. Controlling crystallization performance to prevent the molten glass into crystals during cooling instead of transparent or annealing burst. AR grade magnesium oxide produced by Meishen Technology, has high purity and stable quality, is the important supplier of many large glass substrate companies.


Meishen Technology is the top seller and magnesium oxide supplier in China. We have the NO.1 in the magnesium oxide market share. Even more we had exported to British, Iran, French, Australia, Singapore, Egypt, United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Morocco and many other countries, have rich experience to ensure you production.


What’s more, Meishen Technology can custom-made different specifications of magnesium oxide, MgO content high and stable, good product uniformity, excellent whiteness, mesh accurately, well controlled the proportion of silicon and calcium, other metal content is also much better than the international standard. In conclusion, MEISHEN is the brand of worthy choosing.

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