Forgot Your Own Number? 3 Practical Way to Check Telkomsel Number

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Have you ever experienced an incident, such as 0852 what number ? Telkomsel starter pack has many advantages in the market. For example to the use of the internet. Not infrequently one person has a superior besutan one number, to complete the kinds of needs will also be telecommunications applications in this modern era. What if you have Telkomsel mobile phone number, but confused to check your own number, active period, and different news check here.

Telkomsel number there are many types, namely Halo Card (postpaid), simPATI, US Card, and Loop. In the homeland itself, users of Telkomsel's mobile phone number is also the most. This kind of thing because support sophistication and coverage of signs that reach almost all locations of the country. Can be mentioned, Telkomsel is the provider by the widest network and the most stable.

There are 3 cool steps to check Telkomsel's number, check the number by step dial, through operator's help, and most recently through the application. There is a special step to check Telkomsel number you have. The steps are easy.

In the past there may be a step check Telkomsel's number via SMS. But now there is no one more.

Below this There are many Steps to Check Telkomsel SimPATI Number
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1. Check Telkomsel via Dial

The first step to do there is a lot of checking around your Telkomsel number is by using dial up or typing specific number keys on the phone. You can check Telkomsel's number through Dial by this example step:

Press * 808 # then follow by squeeze the OK / YES button on the phone. This step can be done if you forget your Telkomsel chipset card number or cell phone number.
Press * 999 # otherwise specify OK / YES besutan hpmu. After a lot of time will also come out the main menu. You can select the required news from the menu appearance. Specify info to check your own number, if you forget or want to check the starter card number. Just follow the guides by fitting.
Not just to check the number only, dial applications can also be used to other interests. For example, what if you are interested in purchasing data packets made by Telkomsel provider by step dial, below this narrative:

Press * 363 # and press OK / YES. Steps can be done if you want to buy data packets or internet packages on the phone. By that step, you can by the contents of the data package as needed, but make sure the pulse in your phone meets, yes.
If you want to check the remaining bonus in Telkomsel's number, here's the step:

Press * 889 # then press OK / YES as well and wait for a lot of time. This step you can use to know the amount or the remaining bonus in your Telkomsel number. For example bonus phone or SMS bonus.
Note: There are many types of Telkomsel cards, which may have similar inequalities as well as checking on your mobile phone. There is a better way to find out more advanced through the official site of Telkomsel, namely: www. telkomsel. com. Can also make a phone call to Telkomsel's call center, for example which will also be discussed below.

2. Check Telkomsel Number through Operator Support

Checking Telkomsel number by the operator's help means you make a phone call to customer service or an answering machine that has been presented with the provider or vendor application provider, in this case Telkomsel.

Check Telkomsel via Operator Help Number is so easy, even if you want to know by the phone number will also be contacted later. There are many uninformed subscribers, and either dialed the call center number or operator rescue number. Below this info to check Telkomsel number by operator's help, that is:

What if you are abroad or stricken roaming can call + 628110000333 number made by mobile phone. Roaming means the use of a customer's mobile device, which originates outside the reach of the network of residence or country originating from them.
Call center or customer service that can be contacted during 24 hours, namely 133 and 188. You just type in this number on the phone, wait there is plenty of time until the phone is connected by the operator or customer service For some Halo Card users contact 133, this application is free. However, for other customers such as simPATI, US Card and Loop call center application 188 pay according to the same policy of this vendor.
This application can be opened by the PSTN ground tariff. You can call the national call center to the number 08071811811. What if you happen to forget to move the phone containing Telkomsel chipset card, you can contact the operator application besutan number of different providers, for example besutan number XL.

3. Check Telkomsel Number via MyTelkomsel Application

Then the last step to check the number, ie check Telkomsel number through MyTelkomsel Application. This application you can get besutan Telkomsel official site, for example that has been described above. MyTelkomsel application can also be used with all Telkomsel card users, eg Halo Card (postpaid), simPATI, AS Card, and Loop.

The features of this application include quite complete. There is a basic check feature such as checking the rest of the pulse, the card's active period, the remainder and the active period of Internet quota or data packet belongs. Then there is the transfer feature pulse, instead transfer the remaining internet quota. Prerequisites to be able to activate or use MyTelkomsel application is that you have taken it in your smart phone.

Unless complete, the advantages of different applications besutan MyTelkomsel is you can use or register different Telkomsel number (superior besutan one number), and do checks without any need login or logout number prime. Tough, yes.

Steps to check also easy. After the startup login, you can choose what news is required. The next appearance of the monitor includes home signals, set, 4G LTE, and logout. Try single-click clicks and search alone.

Below is this step checking the various kinds of features next MyTelkomsel application:

Register your Telkomsel number as well as or social media account eg Facebook and Twitter.
After successful registration, login as soon as possible.
In appearance monitor there is news around various features that can be taken.
Just click the news you want in the know. For example, you specify the info on the Telkomsel card number currently in use recently.
Wait there is plenty of time, news will also come out.
How, do you already know 0852 what number ? Not difficult is not to check Telkomsel number by the three ways mentioned above? You do not need to worry anymore, what if you happen to forget the number yourself or to do a new number of premier checks are purchased if the packaging is gone. Good luck!

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