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There’s simply no question at this point, 180fusion is one of the leading companies in the field of SEO and digital marketing. 180fusion began as a small company in Los Angeles, California, and has grown into a nationally known powerhouse provider of integrated online marketing solutions. The company’s website has some of the most impressive 180fusion reviews on video. However, there are many websites with positive reviews from previous customers who may say many of the same things as the customers on 180fusion’s website.

What are Businesses Saying?

A scan of reviews from other websites revealed that many of the business owners who wrote reviews hired 180fusion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and reported businesses had seen significant improvements in the measurable outcome they had been hoping to see, which varied from client to client. It’s interesting to note that reviewers were able to cite a measurable number to demonstrate success of the service reviewers received (250% increase in overall traffic, 700% return on ad spending, improved employee recruiting pipeline by about 40%, etc.) which suggests that not only are the services provided by 180fusion of good valuable, they are demonstrable. That’s important to note, because 180fusion’s services include data analytics, so it’s good to know clients writing reviews understood the impact of 180fusion’s services.

Interestingly, another feature of 180fusion’s service which was highly spoken of was the company’s Reputation Management program, specifically, the expertise the company has in Reverse Search Engine Optimization. Basically, if a business has an undesirable result come up when a business’s name is entered into a search engine, these pages can be pushed back in the search results so they rarely, if ever, appear. When looking at 180fusion reviews, this service was noted as being very well liked and very effective by business owners.

180fusion is notable for its pay per click expertise, which makes it a stand-out from its competitors, because pay per click can be complicated. However, the company has a detailed nine-point strategy on its website and over forty examples of clients complete with metrics and testimonials demonstrating how the company was able to help clients turn their strategies around.

Clients also commented frequently on the company’s customer service, which was noted as being very good, highly collaborative, informative and communicative. Clients noted that staff were responsive and quick to answer questions, and clients who had a positive relationship with the company felt like 180fusion was a part of their business team.

Who’s Saying It?

It’s interesting to take a look at the type of clients attracted to 180fusion. There are businesses of all kinds who are using the company’s services. There’s small brick and mortar stores, large corporations, online stores, sole proprietorships and nonprofits. There’s also all kinds of industries. One of the positive reviews was from a livestock farm, while another was from a credit card payment company.

When it comes to 180fusion reviews, there’s no telling what business might be on the other end because it looks like the company helps small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations with expanding their online presence and increasing their market share which is undoubtedly why this company continues to exceed expectations.

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