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Leading an organization is one of the most difficult challenges in any business but Mr. Jack Simony has been doing it artistically for years. He currently serves as the chairman of The negotiation Institute. Before taking up this position jack simony worked relentlessly at many financial services companies and acquired immense experience. Mr. Jack simony is highly qualified and is a certified expert in fraud prevention. He also serves as a trustee for Washington institute and was a UN representative for human rights advocates international for three years. Mr. Jack Simony is a very dynamic individual and has learned his trade by working at various institutes.

He took The negotiation Institute to greater heights through is admirable pragmatic approach. He made several reforms in the institutes he worked at and left them in a better condition than before. In The negotiation institute he updated the organizations techniques which optimized the overall productivity of the institute. During his tenure the institute started a conference development division. This division successfully hosted award winning conferences like The art of negotiation for real estate and the women in the art of negotiation summit. He has achieved tremendous success in the business world today but his roots remain intact in his humble background.

Mr. Jack Simony has supreme leadership skills and has successfully cultivated a healthy environment at every organization that he has been a part of. Mr. Jack Simony has a larger than life personality that never fails to motivate his subordinates. Through his exceptional skills he has mentored his subordinates and has carved them into better individuals. Mr. Jack Simony is known for building high performing teams that can solve the most tedious problems with efficiency. His team members always admired his quality to turn any situation into a profitable opportunity. Mr. Jack Simony never failed to provide creative solutions to the problems wherever he worked.

Mr. Jack Simony is a very ambitious man and he communicates his vision clearly to the team members and shows them the path through the tough situations. He has the supreme work ethic and integrity which earns him the respect of his team. Mr. Jack Simony has a knack for identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of his team members and he assigns work accordingly. He creates such an atmosphere of positivity that his members enjoy and take pride in working hardest.

Mr. Jack Simony inspires creativity in his team and creates and environment of healthy competition. He is very passionate about taking his organization to greater heights and has an admirable desire to keep pushing forward. His energy is compelling and never fails to motivate the team members. His passion and fruitful habits get rubbed off on the subordinates and the entire organization starts working with a renewed zest. Leading any organization requires superior analytical skills and decision making capabilities. Mr. Jack simony takes intelligent decisions and never fails to turn the tides in the organizations favor. He is a symbol of courage, compassion and integrity and is without a doubt one of the best leaders in the world.

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Mr. Simony is the Chief Investment Officer of Emergent Capital LLC, a leader in the life settlements industry. The firm maintains one of the largest portfolios in the United States with nearly $3 billion in assets.

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