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Garuda Pancasila is the symbol of the state of Indonesia, which counted the slogan of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Although Different but One If). The symbol of the Indonesian state is a Garuda bird with the head facing to the right (from the Garuda perspective), and carrying a heart-shaped shield hanging by a chain on Garuda's neck, and there is a motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which means "Though Different but still one Soul "Written on a band gripped by Garuda. Sultan Hamid II was the one who designed this Symbol, but was later added by Bung Karno. After that, it was inaugurated as the first state symbol on the date of 11-February-1950 in the Cabinet Meeting of the Republic of Indonesia.

the symbol of the state of Indonesia
The symbol of the state of Indonesia, Garuda Pancasila its use is regulated in Government Regulation no. 43 / 1958.

Description and meaning of the State Coat of arms philosophy


Garuda Pancasila is a bird that has been known through the ancient mythology in the history of the archipelago (Indonesia), the mount of Lord Vishnu shaped like a hawk eagle. Garuda is used as a State Symbol to portray the State of Indonesia is a strong and big nation.
The golden color of Garuda birds depicts glory and majesty.
Garuda has wings, beaks, claws and tails that symbolize power and development capabilities.
The total number of feathers on each wing is 17, the total number of feathers on the tail is 1945, the number of feathers under the shield / base of the tail is summed up by the number of feathers of the Garuda Pancasila depicting the date / date of the proclamation of independence of the Indonesian Nation, ie 17-August-8, 19, The number of feathers on the neck is 45.

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Shield is a shield that has long been known in the culture and civilization of the archipelago as a weapon that symbolizes protection, defense and struggle to achieve goals.
In the shield there is a thick black line that depicts the equatorial line that further reflects the region / location of Indonesia, namely Indonesia as a tropical country that is crossed by the equator.
In the shield there are five spaces that embody Pancasila's basic state.
The basic color in the shield space is the color of the Indonesian flag (red and white). and in the middle has a basic black color.


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