LACO Aachen: a B-Uhr for all

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We can love planes without having the desire and / or the means to become a pilot. Anyone who frequents flying clubs will often notice people of all ages behind fences or gates that protect aircraft, hangars and runways (and also prevent the risk of personal injury). These enthusiasts spend hours watching aircraft evolutions, dreaming, listening to engines ... .This phenomenon also occurs around airports, the current protection measures if necessary unfortunately leaving too little space for amateur spectators aircraft.

When we love airplanes, what's more natural than looking for the accessory that will make us feel like a member of the big aeronautical family. The most emblematic accessory of this family is undoubtedly a pilot's watch, which, in spite of its name, is in no way reserved for pilots!

But beware, not just any watch! A B-Uhr, a real aviator's watch, steeped in history, with current technological advantages, and at a reasonable price.

And here, the first watch that combines these qualities and that comes to mind is the Laco Aachen 861690.2.

Why is this pilot's watch a bestseller from the Laco Manufacture? Simply because of its incredible value for money.

The aviator's watch Laco Aachen is above all a B-Uhr, ie a watch whose roots plunge into the dark years of the Second World War. Germany was then faced with the need to manufacture Beobachtungsuhren for its pilots. At that time, the Laco Manufacture was one of the five official suppliers of these watch watches.

The Laco Aachen pilot watch has kept the major feature of a B-AMThis dial, very particular, dedicated to air navigation, exposes the minutes to its periphery, the hours as for them being read in a small dial annex central. This dial is of incomparable legibility.

The Laco Manufacture has adapted the B-Uhr Aachen type watch to current standards by reducing the diameter of its case. A B-Uhr originally had a case of 55 mm in diameter. The Laco Aachen Pilot's Watch features a smaller matte stainless steel case. Two diameters are now available: a 42 mm case (reference 861690.2) with a bracelet with a width of 20 mm, and an 39 case mm (861690 reference) with a bracelet with a width of 18 mm. The model 39 mm can be proposed to a woman, as well as a teenager.

The Laco Aachen pilot's watch is also a modern, self-winding Laco 21 (Miyota 821 A) watch. On its dial, numbers, railways and hands are treated with Superluminova C3, thus ensuring extraordinary night readability. This watch is also waterproof up to 5 ATM.

Finally, the Laco Aachen is mounted on a trendy brown cowhide leather strap with rivets.

So here is an heiress of a mythical B-Uhr, combining timeless historic design, modern technologies and irreproachable quality of manufacture, for an entry-level price in the collection of the aviator watches of the Laco manufacture.

A bestseller pilot watch for sale (340, - €) at Aero Avenue, Laco official distributor.

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