Know Why Powder Coating is Important for Metal Surfaces?

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In general perception, powder coating is considered as an ecologically favored process that is performed before applying the finished paint product. Powder coating is basically the use of dried out paint onto the outer surface of any substance by using the electrostatic charging. The powder can be of two types: thermoplastic and thermoset polymer. This method is meant to create a firm finish which should be harder than usual paint. After the application of powder coating, the painting process takes places in order to form a final skin on the surface.

The powdered coating is favored mainly because it does not involve the use of chemicals or solvent-based paints. And it is also cost effective as unused powder can be recycled and used again. Another reason, powder coating being so preferred is that it can be done on a number of surfaces; from zinc powder coating to a number of other coating options are available. Powder coating is a prominent method before metal painting; it is a general choice for plastics, zinc, ceramic and even wood painting.

Covered below are some of the stand-out benefits of powder coating-

  • Environment-friendly – no use of solvents
  • Finishes are tough and flexible making it harder to chip or crack
  • Gives 100% solid coating
  • Literally no waste at the end of the process
  • Options in coolers and finishes
  • Rust free and Cost-effective
  • Can be used on number of thicknesses
  • You get thick coatings without sagging
  • Fast turnaround
  • Strong protection from external UV vanishing
  • Color retention for a long time
  • Great electrical insulation abilities
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents

Powder coating provides the desired aesthetic qualities to any given product, from Powder Coating UAE to wooden powder coating, implications are endless. If you are also looking to avail the services for powder coating, then the company which you must consider is Rainbow Aluminium. This company is the first and oldest powder coating company in the UAE, serving the people from 1995. This is the only company to offer more than 600 color shades on any kind of metal item. Along with powder coating, they also offer texture coating, paint stripping, sand blasting and filler buffing services.

About Rainbow Aluminium:

Rainbow Aluminium is one of the best powder coating and sandblasting companies in UAE. They operate with the single motive of providing quality metal coating services to their clients.

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