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After so many years, people have agreed that water is not just a liquid but it is the source of healthy life. It has multiple nutrients that are essential to stay fit and energetic. Whenever there is a research being conducted outside the earth, in Mars or other planets, the first step will be to check the existence of water. Water is the primary component which exists in every living thing; human beings, animals and even plants. It plays a major role in survival of mankind. Let us look at the Kangen water filter system that can ensure the production of quality water every time.

“Alkaline water has become the most important advancement in health care since Penicillin.”

These words by Dr. William Kelly are never against the truth behind it. It is a proved secret behind good health and fitness. The most interesting fact is that; you need not walk out to a shop to buy alkaline water now. Enagic’s LeveLuk SD501 is the best water filter system that converts your tap water to ionized alkaline water (Kangen Water). You can fix the machine with the tap water as inlet and get the ionized water instantly in one touch. The machine doesn’t stop with alkaline water to drink. It produces neutral and acidic water as well. In total, it produces 5 types of water.

There are two types of machines with varied capacity in LeveLuk SD501, namely

LeveLuk SD501
LeveLuk SD501 Platinum

In these, LeveLuk SD501 Platinum is the advanced model introduced for global usage. The machine is capable of speaking notifications in five major languages; English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Apart from this user friendly option, it is the same as SD501. Both the machines come with 5-year manufacturer warranty and they are highly recommended for home use.

Innovation didn’t stop with these models. Enagic’s most powerful and advanced model is Kangen 8. This machine has 8 electrode plates unlike the SD501 which has 7 plates. This machine is a heavy duty machine and can be used in commercial areas. Also, the display and audio has three added languages; Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. The system is energy saving as it shuts down automatically when not in usage. The automatic cleaning allows it to drain for 10 seconds for every 10 minutes’ use.

Where do you get these machines and what are the prices?

http://sudesh123.yourbodyiswater.info/?c=products is the right place to order Kangen water filter system. The kangen water machine prices are globally the same, except for the local taxes which vary according to the country. The prices are as follows:

LeveLuk SD501 – $3980
LeveLuk SD501 Platinum – $4280
LeveLuk Kangen 8 – $4980

If you are looking for a filter system to accommodate family needs, SD501 and SD501 Platinum are the best options. And if you are looking for a filter system to accommodate small commercial place, LeveLuk Kangen 8 is the right choice. Order now, and enjoy the best water filter system in the market. Don’t miss your healthy nutrients on tap!


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