John Voklen’s Possible Nazi Past

John Voklen’s Possible Nazi Past

Was billionaire John Volken’s father a Nazi war criminal? His dad was killed when he was three in Germany fighting off the allied troops. . The name Volken is not listed in any public Nazi database. There are many different versions of Volk and little on the name Volken. Did John change his name to hide his father’s past? In any care he runs outside medical ethics and shady business practices.

One of many examples of possible relatives is Elizabeth Volkenrath was a know Nazi responsible for horrible war crimes in the death camps.  It is not clear if they were related. Then again a billion dollars can buy a lot of good press and dirty lawyers to hide his past.

One example is Dr Evan Woods who broke medical privacy laws to promote Bil Koonar’s family member who did not want to jump in the front of the cue for the reason that John gave a million dollars to St Pauls Hospital.

At present John Volken is not known to be part of any Nazi database. On his Wikipedia page his father was a Nazi who was KIA when he was three.  Then again a billionaire could afford to pay for reputation management.  Also there is very little information on the last name Volken in Nazi Germany.  It’s possible that he changed his name to hide his past.

The self proclaimed liberal philantrophist he portrays himself as, only shows one side of the story. . He may give hundreds of millions of dollars to local charities. Volken not as generous to his wife and three kids His current wife is Chawla Volken

Fellow billionaire Jimmy Pattison donated two of his senior executives two from Save on Foods to help run the grocery stores that support welcome homes. Jimmy Pattison instructed his executives to help out with Welcome Home. Mr Pattison gave clear instructions to not make a single dime from John Volken’s grocery stores Price Pro. If his executives made JImmy look bad then they would be fired. Maybe John should be more careful who he associates with.  His “lawyer” who claims to still be lawyer is Bilhar Singh Koonar (Bil).  A corporate lawyer fired for stealing client’s money from their trust. He has no status on the Law Society website. Disgruntled ex investors have named him one of the 8 worst lawyers in BC.  It should be ex lawyer in this case as he is disbarred. , Bil’s “lawyer” status enables people like Dr Evan Wood that they are in no trouble and on the right side of the law.  It is highly unlikely that Bil tells people he no longer has status with the Law Society or Bar Society.  A quick search reveals that one may face up to ten years in prison for disbarred lawyers still practicing law.

Furthermore John Volken is being investigated for medical tamping and favoritism. He has many made large donations to various charities. One is Dr Evan Wood who serially broke medical privacy laws for the benefit for John Volken, Some do follow the Hippocratic oath of doing no harm. Except a large donation is involved that’s when favors start to happen and nepotism overtakes triage and privacy laws. A patient suffered six months in extreme pain, marital and financial damages due to a Dr Evan breaking medical privacy laws.  The case is still being investigated.  If Dr Evan Woood has done this to other patients they are strongly encouraged to report him to St Pauls Hospital.

It is not definite, but if his father was indeed a Nazi, then he is trying his hardest to hide this fact.

Notwithstanding what the donation is, Dr’s should not do favor for those who donate large sums. Basically it is a two tiered system with the rich and their family and friends get special treatment.

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  1. Prexioc

    I hear Bill koonar is such a scam like john Volken. Bill changed his name from Bilhar as you can see he used to practice law. He has such a nice legal past to run a charity.
    Volken could maybe have been a nazi, great philanthropist with tax minimisation. Maybe of he gave his workers fair wages there would be no drug problem. Besides I heard they charge to go there. Is it non profit for profit?

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