Is there any correlation about a healthy diet positively affecting student’s grades in school?


Yes, there is strong correlation with proves that healthy diet do have positive effects on students grade in school.

Nutritious meals do make better healthy body that leads to grades among pupils.

    We are products of what we eat. No healthier body frame without rich meal. Equally, success of any kind is not possible without sound mind and healthy body that is well fed.

Good eating habits is a pointer to well balanced life. An healthy diet is simply getting enough of every important nutrient. Our physical, mental and social health are strongly connected to healthy diet with likely positive impacts. Therefore, an improvement in healthy diet regularly will strengthen your efforts in every area, including the academics, thereby leading to an improved total well-being.

Diet and nutrition have positive impact on the leaving ability of students in school according to several research findings. In fact, good healthier diet and nutrition is crucial for student’s good performance. In take of good food is vital all the time. It influences their behavior and moods. For instance after a healthy meal, the glucose levels usually rise slightly making the body to feel energized after taking in nutrition. Equally, an healthy glucose boosts energy and improves focus. Making the body to be healthy, and active.

Therefore, to promote healthy eating and brain function that can lead to better activities, parents should endeavor to provide their kids with healthy diets all the time which must consist of natural fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, lean protein, such as chicken, fish, nuts and eggs.

Also, for improved memory, students should be fed with foods rich in lecithin such as peanuts, soya bean, wheat germ. In addition, potassium derived from orange, apricots, melons, bananas, peaches, avocados, nectarines, e.t.c. can boost the brain power to function well, thereby lead to good academic performance among the students in school.

Unlike before, kids today can eat their ways to better grades in school indeed! Healthier students are better learner



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