Innovation Leads Meishen Go Ahead

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  In the current market economic environment, it is not the traditional mode of “Big fish swallows little”. However, you should adapt the harsh reality of “Fast ones will defeat slow ones”. At the same starting line, if you can go ahead the other industries through innovation, you would be weed out by the intensely competitive market. For this purpose, Meishen Technology, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer gives full play to the consciousness of innovation. What’s more, it putted forward the development strategy of “Innovation leads to go ahead”.

The structural excess capacity of magnesium oxide is very obviously. It is necessary to regroup and centralize for the magnesium oxide industry. Therefore, it can form the industrial group of magnesium oxide material, and further promote international competition ability. As thus, more and more resource can be gather to the scientific and technological innovation. The scientific and technological innovation of magnesium oxide industry should take the road of opening up and cooperation. Through the co-efforts of all members in the industry, we hope that the magnesium oxide will become high cost-performance engineering materials from the expensive materials. It is the consensus of key enterprises to optimize stock through integrative recombination. These key enterprises take an important part in many industries, for example, the Meishen Technology.

At the same time, it should strive to create the new market requirements, and take the road of specialization and differentiation. It is not just to expand the size, but to intensify the advantages in it, for example, the fine chemicals with magnesium oxide, the electronics chemicals with magnesium oxide, etc. At present, some function materials with MgO have already realized nationalization, for example, the glass-ceramic material. And it has already achieved a large annual production capacity. All of these will become new growth point in the future.

Mr.Sun, the CEO of Meishen Technology indicated, “If Meishen do not innovate and go ahead of other magnesium oxide manufacturers, Meishen would be no longer in existence over the next 3 years. Therefore, Whatever this magnesium oxide manufacturer takes, the innovation must not be put down. ”

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