How to Sell Magnesium Oxide?

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   Time ago, a salesman visited a old customer. During the chat, the old customer mentioned that his friend need Meishen’s magnesium oxide product. Meishen Technology is a professional magnesium oxide supplier. The salesman was very happy. But after a time, this old customer said that his friend didn’t want to use Meishen’s product and was looking for the succedaneous product. This salesman got confused and asked the reason, the client also didn’t know.

After we understand the specific obstacles, our salesman detailed our products and company strength for them. What’s more, he promised that Meishen Technology can customize products according to their requirements for products. Also, in order to provide long-term and stable magnesium oxide products for them, Meishen will establish customer file.

What’s more, standing in the magnesium oxide industry for more than 20 years, Meishen is always developing scientific research for the first production with advanced consciousness. Since the 90s, Meishen Technology pioneered the professional magnesium oxide products and made a great progress. What’s more, our company was succeed in research innovative magnesium oxide products.

As a magnesium oxide manufacturer, the magnesium oxide quality is the foundation of development. It is the source of enterprise development to technology innovate and research. Since its formation, Meishen Technology is serving customers with heart with the management idea of “technology brings quality, integrity brings future, user is the foundation, development-oriented” and the purpose of “enhance the loyalty for users, mustn’t cut corners, produce magnesium oxide material with high requirements, good performance and high quality.”

After detail introducing, this customer was willing to give chances to us. After communicating the particular targets, Meishen Technology posted three kinds of samples to them. Everything abundancething coming to he which waits, the test passed successfully after working together. The client was happy that he finds out the product he want, at the same time, he felt moved by our spirit if perseverance and approved our production strength. Then, the sigh a contract with us immediately.

At present, there are many magnesium salt products with a serious of magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and so on.

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