How to Produce Reactive Magnesium Oxide?

September 11, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

   Why does the reactive magnesium oxide indexes are different among different magnesium oxide manufacturers? Each magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier adopts different raw material, technology, equipment and others. Therefore, in the aspect of content index, it will be different from others. When you purchase magnesium oxide, it is necessary to know how to produce reactive magnesium oxide.

Magnesite is the main raw material to produce magnesium oxide. Only the rich raw material resource can develop magnesium oxide. China has rich magnesite resources.

Taking dolomite as raw material, after calcining, digesting, carbonizing and drying, it can prepare the basic magnesium carbonate. The CaO mass fraction of this kind of basic magnesium carbonate is lower than 0.1%. After burning, the high pure magnesium oxide can be prepared. Its mass fraction is higher than 99%. For this purpose, Meishen researches dolomite calcination temperature, digestion condition, value of terminal pH, and so on. Finally, it determined the optimal technological conditions: the optimum calcinations temperature of dolomite is from 910 degree centigrade to 950 degree centigrade. The burning time should be from 30 minute to 60 minute.

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