How To Find Money,There Is Money With People


If you need wealth, go for people. People will get you wealth. You need men and women, both young and old to make you achieve your goals in life. No success is alone game. No lone ranger can go far in life. No wonder that god said in genesis 1:26: “let us make a man someone like ourselves” God can do it alone, but he decided not to. God invite other super-beings to do the assignment – that is a great lesson to learn from.

Those who understand the values in others will not attempt to do things alone. It does not make sense. Most especially issues that has to do with creating wealth. After all, no individual can enjoys alone all his acquired wealth or opportunities. It is not possible even if you are a miser. Some others will eat out of your wealth. You may decide to do all the struggles alone if you so wish and by luck it works fine! But be well assured that if what you made out of the deal is big enough, you can’t consume everything, others will partake of it either when you are alive or when you’re gone. Why kill yourself to do all the labors alone? Why not embrace a team work? Players of football, play as a team in order to score goals. Likewise, you need to build a team of good people to make it in life and enjoys the fruits of your labor. There is money with people. If only you can form a good team or community of people for yourself.

People are our wealth. The wealth of a nation are with people or the people that such a dominating our nation’s wealth. A popular Yoruba adage says: “Eniyan laso mi” (People are my cover cloth”) that’s even if you don’t have money if you can have good people, there will be no problem. You have wealth, you cannot be put to shame. We need ourselves to be what we want o be. We need people, we can become wealthy faster and better. What you are looking for is in the hand of some people.

Take for instant; the woman you married as a wife was born by another man. Without your in laws giving you their daughter in marriage you marry. The wife you will marry as a man is the daughter or girl of another man. That is a clear evidence of letting you realize the importance and value of others in success or wealth accumulation. Those who can gain his insight will value other people and treat them well. What can make you rich or wealthy is ready in the custody of some other people. You need people to be what you wish to be.

As a scholar, you can read, conduct research, study day and night,. Sit for exams, you can award yourself a certificate. There people have to do that for you. You can never be a PhD.holder without the approval of some set of people. Look, if you are not in good terms with such people to award you the needed certificate, Haaba! It will only take God’s hand to bail you out.Read more at


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