How Sharing Economy has Helped Solve Parking Problems

July 1, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

The sharing economy, known as the term used when individuals contribute services or assets amongst one another through the concept of sharing, has helped solve many important issues across our nation. Whether we realize it or not, the sharing economy has indeed helped all of us with problems that we’ve faced at times in our lives. One problem which has been nearly eliminated via the sharing economy is the problem of finding Parking Space for Rent. Parking spaces are extremely hard to find when going to popular public venues such as stadiums, buildings, concerts, and much more. Finding a person who will rent a parking spaceis difficult. That being said, the sharing economy comes into play by ensuring that we can beat the queue by booking parking spaces available around the venue.

There are some websites and applications who are working on improving the sharing economy every single day. These companies help find parking spaces throughout the city as they allow users to list their vacant parking spots for rent so that other users can use them in their hour of need. The sharing economy increases revenue which would otherwise not exist as it connects unused parking spaces with the people who need to utilize them. Users can book parking spaces anywhere through applications such as ParqEx, one of the leading applications in the sharing economy movement.

With Parqex, users can book parking spots in advance for a set price on a daily, weekly, monthly, or hourly basis. The application also offers discount parking Chicago to its users. The company’s main office is located in Chicago and offers parking spaces in over 9 major cities across the U.S. The company pays out 85% of their revenue from parking spaces to the spot owners, and centers around new innovations surrounding the sharing economy.

About Parqex:

Parqex is an application offering parking spots to rent for its users based on the sharing economy concept. The application offers parking services in various cities across USA including but not limited to Boston, Miami, LA and Chicago airport parking.

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