How Much Does the Food Grade Magnesium Oxide?

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Tea food grade magnesium oxide can be used in many fields, for example, used as the additive in industry and food production. This made more enterprises favor magnesium oxide products. So, when you purchase magnesium oxide, according to the different kinds, you should learn how much does food grade magnesium oxide.

The Food additives contribute to the overall appeal, convenience, nutritive value, and quality of foods. magnesium oxide is often used as a food additive for powdered foods desiccant (drying agent), color retention, pH modification or as a magnesium mineral supplement. Meishen’s magnesium oxide is odorless and non-toxic.

The decline oil price causes the decline magnesium oxide price. It reduces the cost of chemical row material to some extent. For the chemical enterprises, the cost reduction is a fine thing, but the influence should not large to get effect to instantly. At the present, Chinese enterprises are facing the difficulty of employees’ claims for rising salary and fierce competition. Now the magnesium oxide industry operation rate is relatively stable. And the manufacturers offer steadily. The raw material and coal tar go way down and support fatigue. The situation of the tire in downstream industry is not optimistic, and the demand is not high. At the same time, Chinese magnesium oxide’s price is relatively low. Many magnesium oxide manufacturers move into export. As thus, the exports in China increase sharply.

In addition, as an anti-caking agent to keep powdered foods, such as powdered mixes, free-flowing. Anti-caking functions by interspersement that prevents inter-particle interaction, and preferentially absorbing moisture to prevent bridging between particles.

The Meishen Technology was founded in 2003. This company is focusing on the research and application of magnesium oxide for many years. The products are widely used in many industries, for example, rubber, oil paint, print ink, plastic material, digital jet, paper print, etc. And some other food industries like powder food, medical intermediate, cosmetic, tooth pasta and so on. In order to meet the demand of rising market application and technical, the Meishen Technology has already established wide business contact with more than 20 overseas countries and regions. Meishen zealously welcome all walks of friends at home and abroad to hold talks about cooperation, and wholeheartedly create beautiful tomorrow with numerous clients!

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